5 Mistakes to Avoid in Creating Landing Pages In e-commerce Store

Exploring E-commerce Market

Building an E-commerce Store that customers love and as well as they do shopping is depends on two factor.

  • Small detailing and testing
  • understanding human psychology.

As we already know the growth of E-commerce Industry is very high. But now a days online shoppers not only focus on the product deals but also expect an overall good experience of buying and checkout process.

So how do people browse, view and use your site is important to know. We see many blog posts showing some magical tricks for higher conversion rates, no such magic exists. The simple truth behind high conversion rates is less romantic.

It’s a smart landing page that known as a hub of your e-commerce store that makes the higher conversion rates

So in this article I am going to list out 5 costly Landing page mistakes that I see most often in landing page design.

#Mistake 1

Too much text makes uninviting.

Text, Text and Text. No one is coming to read your text on your landing page. Too much text don’t focus on your actual message and purpose of the store. Remember you have 5 seconds to convince viewers to stay on the page.

You just need to display the benefits (Not features) of your offer or a service in a small blurb or a bulletin list.

People skim everything online. Communicate to your market through:

  • Bullet-points
  • Bolded words
  • Headings
  • Images

#Mistakes 2

Lake of an appealing image

When a viewers come to your landing page they just need something to stand out and persuade to stay. The best way to make potential leads is to provide appealing image. Lack of image on your landing page makes your store boring and uninspiring.

An image makes your landing page a unique, personalized and more connecting to the user.The image needs to:

  • Communicate your content
  • Appeal to the eye
  • Flow easily with the page
  • Stand out without contrasting too intensely
  • Be evocative to encourage engagement

If you can take the example of Harry’s shaving kit. They have just put a image of classy orange Razor with a minimal text design and made a higher conversion and subscription rate from only one page.

#Mistakes 3

Lack of relevant copywriting and heading to grab visitors attention (USP)

The first thing a visitor to your page should see is the most valuable sales point you have. You also want to make this sales point unique to your business to communicate quickly and strongly what makes your business, or your product, stand out from your competitors.

In addition to the image, Copywriting is directly connected to the higher conversion. Not having a great copy makes confused to visitor that why they have come to the website. Your heading is the first thing visitors read on your landing page therefore it should line up with the main goal of your call-to-action.

#Mistake 4

It’s hard to find CTA button on the landing page.

We often finds Landing pages in which either CTA button is too small or blends into the background, or is competing with too much other information on the page. In order to convert, they need to be able to easily find where to click to obtain your offer.

Always understand that your potential lead can easily locate CTA button on your landing page. You can give your button a 3D clickable appearance or even add a download arrow to give a context to the action.

Minimal design of a landing page with Call To action button

#Mistakes 5

A lengthy lead capture form to fill

If you put a lead capture form in your landing page, than you must take care that it doesn’t scare off potential leads. Don’t ask too much information from the potential leads. Ask what is necessary. For example, ask their first name and e-mail address. No need to ask his address and phone numbers on the very first page.

Neil Patel (founder of Quick Sprout and Kiss Metrics) removed the ‘Revenue’ form field from his landing page and found a 26% increase in conversions.

People think first that how much is it worth to share his information to this store? So you need to always understand risk vs. reward strategy.

Still there are some mistakes are seen such as no social proof on the landing page, no Customer Testimonials and Trust Symbol. Sometimes you are telling to people what to do not what they will get. These mistakes will look smaller but a very dangerous one. With just a one change in your landing page, you can increase your conversion rate.

Remember to optimize your landing page with A/B Testing for copywriting, image, value etc. Never stop optimizing.